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Detlef (Deib) Birkholz, MSc, PhD, P.Chem

Dr. Birkholz has over forty years of practical experience in analytical chemistry, research, environmental and human toxicology, and business. Major industrial clients include transportation, oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, waste management, and pulp and paper. He has proven to be a valuable resource to industry, governments, consultants, educational institutions, health care professionals, and the legal profession. He offers his expertise in sampling, chemical analysis, data interpretation, toxicology, industrial problem solving, and forensic analysis. Numerous hours of expert testimony have been provided in Provincial hearings, Provincial Court, Queen’s Bench, and Federal Court. He has provided training in evidence collection, chemical analysis, quality control, forensics, and toxicological testing to industry, governments, educational institutions, consultants, and international organizations. Dr. Birkholz has sponsored and organized several litigation seminars at key conferences with the assistance of defense lawyers, prosecutors, and judges and is currently an adjunct professor with the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences). He has given numerous oral presentations at national and international conferences and has over 37 publications and is currently a member of the oil spill identification network of experts within the Bonn Agreement (Bonn-OSINET).

Detlef Birkholz